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So I have been MIA from posting lately because I have been cutting up all my Lori Holt Fabric.

I have been collecting different Lori Holt fabrics for years, I had them all separated by colors but not cut in any particular size.

After watching Lori's Sew from your Stash Series on YouTube I decided to take the plunge and cut and organize my fabric.

If you have followed Lori she has quite the system for cutting and storing her fabric. It is such a time saver and perfect for any of her fun blocks.

She says if she just wants the fabric for her stash she buys half a yard. She then cuts the half yard into two Fat Quarters. She puts one FQ away and cuts the other one into a 7", 5", 3.5", 2.5"strip. The reason for those sizes is you can sub-cut your 7" into a 6 1/2" or 6" strip or square. The 5 " strip can be cut into a 4 1/2" or a 4" strip or square. The 3 1/2 cut be cut into a 3" strip or square and the 2 1/2 can be cut into a 2". She also recommends if you have a strip smaller than a 2" leftover cut it into a 1 1/2" strip which can be sub-cut into a 1" strip or block.

I started with all my Reds, my Daughter came into my sewing room that day and took this photo catching the shadows from my window.

Here is a picture of all my different size strips, I also have bins for different size squares.

Now each time I buy fabric I will cut it up right away into the different sizes listed.

I am currently working on two of her Sew From Your Stash YouTube Series.

Sorry, not the best picture but this is the Scrappy Crossroads block. I have a bin of 2 1/2" blocks next to my sewing machine and I grab them and used them as my leader and enders. So basically I am sewing two quilts at once.

The second one I am working on is called the Criss Cross Star Block.

This block is so easy, I needed a 4.5" block for the center and 8-3 1/2"blocks for the wonky points. Since I cut my fabric the Lori Holt method, it took me no time to cut all the blocks needed for this quilt.

I promise to post better pictures once I get these quilts completed.

Our Lori Holt sew group is doing a fun birthday block this year. Each member picks one block from any of Lori's books. Each member of our group will then make one of those blocks and give it to them the month of their birthday. Having my stash cut up, I was able to make three of those birthday blocks super fast.

If you have been thinking about cutting up your stash, I highly recommend it.

I got the majority of my bins from the Dollar Store, and a few from Hobby Lobby when they were 40% off.

All organized and ready to do some serious sewing this year!

Stay safe and sew on!

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