• Fran Dill

A Long Hard Look At Yourself

I was recently asked for a headshot.

Now I do have a few nice headshots, but they were pretty outdated. Could I have used them? Yes, but I knew some of my friends would have called me out on them. You know who you are. So I had to do what I really don’t like doing and get a picture taken of myself. Thank goodness I have a daughter who is an amazing photographer. Actually, I think she took my last two headshots now that I am thinking about it. You would think the agonizing task would be figuring out what to wear, where to stand, what angle looks best, where is the best lighting. You would think! For me it is: "Don’t get my double chin!" and "Are my eyes shut, or do my eyes look crossed?" and especially "Is my smile sincere, or does it look like I’m constipated?" So Amanda did her magic and took several shots. We looked at them and I couldn’t find one I liked, so we took several more. I had to ask myself, why am I so critical of myself? I finally decided on one picture and told myself to accept the flaws and stop making myself nuts about it. Self-love is a hard one for most of us but today I am going to embrace all those flaws and be grateful for all that I have. And try not to look constipated.

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