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Along for the ride!

As most of you heard by now, I have been asked to be a part of the Fat Quarters Shop and Lori Holt's Quilters Cottage Sew Along. I'm super excited and decided I want to take you along this exciting ride with me.

The first part of the journey was picking out the fabric for the quilt. Fat Quarter shop asked that we use different fabric than Lori's original quilt. When I started picking my fabric I knew I wanted my cottage to be yellow. When I was young I always dreamed of having a yellow house with a white picket fence. Once I pictured it in my head the next step was getting that image right with my fabric choices. So here is where it became interesting....

Due to the pandemic, I couldn't meet with my Riley Blake sales rep, I had to do my ordering online. That was okay for picking fabric I was familiar with but not so easy with those I haven't seen in person. I didn't have the actual color swatches to look at.

My first challenge was finding the background fabric since this quilt requires 5 1/4 yards for the background It was kind of a big deal.

This is Lori's choice which I love.

l wanted to use a Confetti Cotton Solid from Riley Blake, those are my new favorite solids to work with. They have a brushed cotton feel to them with the slightest sheen. I was making myself a bit nuts making this decision, remember I am not seeing the fabric in person, just online. You don't always see the true color. Remember the What color is the Dress that took the internet by storm a few years back, some saw white and gold while others saw blue and black.

I narrowed it down to 2 and asked my sales rep which one she thought would be best and we picked Confetti Cotton Dream. Now that I got the background picked I had to come up with about 17 other pieces. Hoping I made all the right choices I placed the second largest order in my business history.

Now the wait, due to the pandemic the wait was going to be even longer, ugh!

Finally, my fabric arrived, I was so excited to rip those boxes open! It was like Christmas until I saw my background fabric. It was dark, it was dull, there was no sheen. It looked like a cold winters day sky, you know the one right before that big snowstorm. I was so upset, it didn't look anything like the picture. Now what?? Here were my options, return the fabric, with a restocking and shipping fee, use the fabric and hate it, or order something different a have to wait again for new fabric. I was so bummed at this point. I finally calmed down and messaged the customer service rep, Lauri, at Riley Blake. She called me and calmly talked me off the ledge, she gave me the option of shipping it back minus the restocking fee or helping me pick a new background and processing my order quickly. I went with option 2. I was still looking at the choices online but felt I had a little more impute dealing with someone who is there seeing the fabric first hand.

We picked another color and it arrived yesterday. I am so happy with this background, it is just what I had imagined in my head.

It's part of the Shade collection and the color is Aquamarine, It has a brushed effect to it giving it a little movement.

Here is the original fabric Dream, glad I decided to go with something else.

Here is a funny story about Dream, I kept telling Lauri that it was dull and had no sheen and that it was darker than the picture shown online. She kept saying that's strange, I'm sure she was just thinking ok crazy lady. I decided I would keep all three bolts of the Dream and use it for the backing. Yesterday I cut into the bolt and discovered it was rolled on the bolt inside out, it did have a sheen, it was just hiding on the wrong side. It was slightly lighter and wasn't so dull. When I called to tell Lauri that, we had a good laugh, she also said she has never seen that happen before. As my friends would say, only you Fran, this would only happen to you!

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