• Fran Dill

Back In The Day

This morning when I was on Facebook a live video from Fat Quarter Shop was playing. I stopped to watch it because Kimberly was showing a quilt made with their new Log Cabin Foundation Paper which I just got in. As I watched the video I listened to her talk about the ease of this new product and how the manufactures have made it so easy because it uses the pre-cut fabric size Honey Buns for the smaller blocks and Jelly Rolls for the larger blocks. She let everyone know that she has a step by step video on YouTube. So I bounced over to YouTube to watch it. As she showed us how to use it she was using a rotary cutter, add a inch ruler, a rotating mat, and her machine cut the thread. I started thinking about how wonderful it is to be a quilter these days. Think about it, we have video’s that teach us step by step instructions, fabric comes pre-cut to the size you need for a quick project. We have rotary cutters and rulers for everything thing imaginable. Our patterns and our books come in color, and we can now order a pattern right online and print it at home. The list of convinces goes on and on and I for one am grateful for each and every one of them. I do admire those pioneers who made their own patterns from newspaper and used fabric from their old clothing, sewed everything with needle and thread. Yes- back in the day they still managed to make amazing quilts. But boy I’m glad I have the rotary cutter, YouTube videos, and conveniences of the modern world.

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