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Updated: May 7, 2020

For the past 3 years I have been busy sewing for my business. I like to provide quilt kits for my customers and I feel it is important to have a sample quilt for each kit. So for the past 3 years I have been making lots of quilt samples. Now it hasn’t been all kit sample sewing, I have made a few baby quilts and a few quilts for gifts but for the most part it’s been work related sewing. Until this week! If you know me or have read my last blog post then you know I love Lori Holt’s creativity. I find Lori’s projects to be cute, easy and a bit nostalgic or maybe comforting is a better word. This week I had no sewing to do for the Quilt Cart so I grabbed my Farm Girl Vintage 2 book and decided to have some fun!

One of the quilts that caught my eye (well honestly several did) was Busy Bee Flower Farm Quilt.

First of all, isn’t this just the cutest? Second, I love that I can change up the blocks and make this my own. You can make the driver with whatever hair color you want. You can change the bee block on the door, change the color of the truck and even change what the truck is hauling. Like her cute farm animals? Use them instead of flowers, how about pumpkins? You can use her pumpkin block from her first Farm Girl Vintage book and the new pumpkin from FGV2, mix and match. There are 6 and 12 inch blocks in this pattern so you can lay them out anyway you like. How about a veggie truck, she has veggies in both books. See, the possibilities are endless. Lori gives you the tools to make it your own!

I got my love of flowers from my Mom, she had the greenest thumb and her gardens were beautiful. So I decided this has to be Dot’s Flower Farm Quilt. I am going to change it a bit so I hope you following along to see my progress. Monday I started my joyful sewing.

This is the Pretty Dahlia block 6 inch, and the Bright Zinnia in 12″.

Tuesday I was meeting a friend for lunch so I snuck in a quick one before I had to leave. This is the 6″ Honey Bee Block.

Had a little time when I got home so I made the Cheerful Tulips in 12″.

Yesterday I had a blast making Tending to the Garden block. Which of course is the watering can. In the book it’s made with a gray fabric just as you would imaging a tin watering can to look like. But I just had to make this my own! I really wanted to bling it out but for the sake of quilting I’ll resist.

Here is another reason I love these blocks, it doesn’t take long to make one. That’s so gratifying after making so many large quilt. I hope I have inspired you to sew along with me. This is a great book with so many wonderful patterns and endless possibilities Don’t be afraid to tap into you Vintage Farm Girl. I have several Lori Holt items in my Esty shop to satisfy all your Farm Girl necessities.

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