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Can of Worms

I have been MIA from social media the past week due to the big can of worms I opened in my Sewing Room.

See I got this bright idea to organize the space under my cutting table. That lead to a trip to Ikea and that lead to a total room makeover.

I'm not proud, but this was my space that became a catch-all. If I didn't know where to put it I simply shoved it under my cutting table. It got to the point where I couldn't find anything and it was becoming an eyesore.

So I got this great cubby that fit perfectly under the table. When I saw the turquoise bins the wheels started turning. Why not paint the pegboard?? And then it began!

That cute little shelf used to be Navy. I should have painted the white shelf above it but by then I was over it and painting outside when it is 110 wasn't fun. Maybe I can sweet talk my hubby into painting it this weekend.

Then my husband got this great idea to put a shelf up above the window. Why not it's just wasted space, boy that didn't take me long to fill up!

It too had to be painted my signature color. We ordered a LED light bar to attach underneath so I will have plenty of light over my sewing machine.

Believe or not this too was organized.

I need to do a few minor finishing touches, like make a new ironing board cover and new curtains, and then it will feel finished. I tossed two large bags of "why am I keeping this" into the garbage and also realized I might have a small hoarding problem. More than half of those bins on the shelf above my machine are Lori Holt fabrics, the other bins on that shelf are Bonnie and Camille fabric. Not to mention several of the turquoise bins also have Lori Holt and Bonnie and Camille fabric in them as well. I also have quite a bit of Fig Tree fabric. My husband asked me what those bins in the closet were, lets just say that can of worms can wait until next time.

Now that my space is clean and organized I can't wait to get back to sewing.

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