• Fran Dill

Can One Have Too Many Rulers?

Last week on my social media I posted a picture of Lori Holt’s Cute Cut Rulers and I mentioned that I might be obsessed with them. I have had a few ladies ask me why I like these rulers and why do I need so many different sizes. So here’s a video explaining why I love these rulers.

I’m all about convenience, I have just the size I need, it eliminates the guess work and you have a lot less bulk of a bigger ruler to manipulate.

These rulers can be found in my Etsy shop. In the video I showed you a cute zipper bag that stored my rulers, this will be a future project for our Sew Bee It Club starting in March.

So one of my goals for 2020 was to post more videos. Here’s the problem with that. I am running the video myself and I don’t know how to edit so I am constantly stopping and starting over. I hate the way I sound and if I don’t say it exactly right I delete it. My kids tell me to just do it and stop being so critical, so today I did just that. It’s not perfect, my voice sounds horrible and I forgot the name of the zipper bag but I did it and posted and that enough is a completed goal! Maybe one day I will post a blooper reel.

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