• Fran Dill

Do You Belong To Any Sew Groups?

As I laid in bed this morning drinking my coffee I was thinking

"Oh man, I have to get up and get ready to go sew!"

The thought of packing up my sewing stuff to go sew somewhere else just wasn’t thrilling me. Which machine do I bring, which project should I take, what am I forgetting, blah blah blah… I belong to 2 different sew groups, one group meets every other week and the second group meets once a month. Even though I hate backing my stuff up once I get there I am so happy I did. There is nothing like getting together with other ladies who share your passion. We also have so much fun and it really is therapy! If you don’t belong to a sew group I strongly urge you to seek one out. Look on Facebook to see if there is one in your area, ask your local quilt shop to see if they know of one also most states have Quilt Guilds that have chapters all though out your state. Not only will you meet women and sometimes men who share your passion but you will also have people who share ideas, show you new tricks and inspire you to try new things. Off to sew!

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