• Fran Dill

Do You Like Kits?

When I first started working in my local quilt shop I was always amazed that customers would come in, point to a quilt hanging in the shop and say I want that one. Meaning they wanted that pattern with that same fabric. For me the thrill of starting a new project is picking a pattern and then deciding which fabric to go with it. However, I learned many quilters find this process stressful. They either want the fabric the pattern designer used or fabric from an already completed quilt. There is nothing wrong with this process, this way they know exactly how their quilt will come out. So when I was coming up with my concept for the Quilt Cart I thought I would have a variety of quilt kits. While some kits sold out fast others lingered for a while. I just never knew which kit would sell. Displaying all the quilts was also becoming an issue, so I narrowed down the number of kits I had and decided maybe kits weren’t the answer. As soon as I did that people starting asking me if I had kits. So my question to you is, do you like kits? Here are the Quilt kits I currently have available for purchase.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you ever purchase kits and what size kit you look for. Your feedback with help me decide if I should continue making Quilt Kits.

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