• Fran Dill

Down To The Wire

So as most of you know I sew the majority of the samples for my business, which is fine but gives me very little time to sew just for fun. A few weeks ago I decided I was going to sew something just for fun.

Seeing all the patriotic quilts on social media inspired me to sew a flag quilt. One of the quilts I just loved was the Betsy Ross Quilt by Katie Malan Designs. I downloaded a PDF pattern and started pulling my fabric.

I love Bonnie and Camille's fabric and have been hoarding their lines for a while so I figured this would be the perfect scrappy project to use some of those prints.

Then, I started cutting my 2.5" squares. And cutting, and cutting, and cutting.

Wow, 735 squares. Not a smart project for someone who has arthritis in their thumbs. Several of my friends have an Accuquilt machine. Did I think to ask to borrow one of them? ... no!

Lesson learned. I have also inquired about being a dealer for Accuquilt but they just don't consider me a big enough business. I will keep pestering them until they see me!

I have to admit, I had to force myself to work on this quilt.

It's not that I wasn't loving it but, to be honest, this whole COVID-19 pandemic has been really getting to me. You would think sewing would be the perfect distraction, and it was at first, but with our numbers climbing and no end in sight I am having a hard time focusing on anything.

However, I forced myself to get it pieced before the 4th. Now hopefully I will get the quilting done before next 4th of July!

I am so happy with it!

The next project under my needle will be my Quilters Cottage Quilt. I am so excited to be a part of the Sew-Along starting in August but I wanted to get started early so you can see my fabric selection. And, as always, I will have kits available for the Quilters Cottage on my Etsy.

Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July. Try and stay positive during these troubling times and sew on sisters!

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