• Fran Dill

Front Porch Quilts

A week ago Sunday was International Quilting Day. Because of this virus and social distancing, someone came up with the idea of displaying their quilts on their front porch and it quickly caught on. 

This was the quilt I displayed that day. I think most of my neighbors thought I was selling this quilt. A few asked but I also posted it on my social media pages and explained why I had my quilt on my front porch. To my surprise, I got a lot of positive feedback, both from my neighbors and my social media followers. That gave me the idea to add a little sunshine to my street and share the beauty of my quilts. My wonderfully supportive husband rigged up a makeshift bar across the entryway of our front door to hang the quilts. Every morning before he leaves for work he hangs a different quilt.

I was hoping to hang a quilt for each day we are under quarantine but sadly I think I will run out of quilts first. I’ve had such a positive response from neighbors, friends, family members, and UPS drivers. Everyone loves seeing the quilts!

One morning it started to drizzle when Wally was hanging the quilt so we decided not to hang one that day. About an hour later the sun came up and people were asking where is today’s quilt?

Childhood friends on Facebook were asking if I made all those quilts, and they are surprised because I hated Home Economics and terrorized that poor teacher.

Others are asking if they are for sale. My response to that is no, but if things keep going the way they are everything might be for sale! I guess in this very dark time a simple task of hanging a quilt on my front porch has brought a little sunshine to a few people. I personally don’t know anyone who is sick and I hope it stays that way but I do know how this has affected all of us. Reach out to your family and friends, try to spread a little sunshine and happiness. You never know what little gesture can really make a difference in someone's day. Stay safe and be well!

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