• Fran Dill

Getting Started

Today’s the day! I am finally getting started on a new quilt project. I am making the quilt Make it Modern by Corey Yoder. I know I talked about it several weeks ago but dang! Life just gets in the way! I have a ritual I do before I start any new project.

Once I have my machine cleaned and ready to go I can start cutting out my project.

I always make sure I have a new blade in my rotary cutter or if it’s fairly new I make sure to clean it. Believe or not that lint build up behind the blade can cause it to act up. These are my two favorite rulers. They are both from Creative Grid. The long one is 8.5″ wide by 24.5′ long the other one is 8.5″ wide by 12″5 long. I use the longer ruler to cut my strips and the shorter one to sub-cut the strips into blocks. I find by doing this I have a more accurate cut. If you use two ruler to cut you want to make sure they are by the same company or else there could be a slight variation in size. For some reason I can’t use a ruler with yellow lines, my eyes just can’t see them very well. Anyone find it difficult to use a yellow lined ruler? I am all cut out and ready to start, so fingers crossed I can start piecing tomorrow.

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