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Growing My Business

Many of you know a big part of my business is my mobile quilt store, Sew Bella's Quilt Cart. Well, she has been quarantined since the middle of March. I assure you she is safe and is in no threat of contracting the virus but she sure is lonely!

All kidding aside, not being able to take the quilt cart out has been a financial hit. I know many small businesses are in the same situation as I am and we are all finding new ways to keep our businesses alive. I have tried to up my social media game, I have added lots of new items to my Etsy Shop, and I have set out to partner with other businesses.

I have partnered with the Fat Quarter Shop and AccuQuilt!

How you ask? Through their Affiliate programs! By having their links on my blog, it allows my followers to access their sites easier. When you click on their link from my site it takes you to their webpage, and if you make a purchase I get a small commission from them.

Some of you have asked me why I would send someone to another quilt site. It's simple: I can't carry everything. I hope you shop from me first, but if there is something I can't offer you, then click my affiliate link and shop with them. It is still a way to support me, even indirectly.

My goal is to grow my business. I want to offer more kits, more items and hopefully, one day carry the whole line of fabric versus just a few bolts.

Click Here to Shop at Fat Quarter Shop

Click Here to Shop at Accuquilt

Now that you understand the affiliate process let me share a few things with you.

Have you considered an AccuCut machine?

When I met Eleanor Burns, I had to ask her: What is your secret to being so active? She mentioned caffeine, but her real secret was preserving her hand strength by using an AccuQuilt machine to do all her cutting. Smart Lady!

AccuQuilt has several different size machines to fit most budgets. Also, they always have free pattern downloads, tips to share, and are constantly coming out with dies to satisfy all levels of quilt designs.

Above is the AccuQuilt Go Big. It is their electric version and becomes super compact when closed up.

I recommend frequently checking out their site, as they always have some type of sale and new project available.

Do you sew with the same group of friends? This is a perfect way to split the cost of the machine and dies. Go in together, co-op your machine/dies, and this way you share the expense!

"Alone we can do a little, together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

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