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Hardest Post to Write

Sorry for my absence, I have had to make a hard decision and wasn't ready to deal with it yet.

So here goes, this might be a long post but I feel the need to explain it all to you.

For several months now I have been going back and forth about selling the Quilt Cart.

As you all know, Covid killed my trailer business, she was in quarantine just like the rest of us. It gave me time to think about how much work really goes into taking the trailer out each time. I am not sure most people know just how physical it was to pack it up, drive it to an event, set it up, break it down, drive it home, and then unpack it. Yes, it was fun and I loved meeting all the wonderful quilters along the way, but it really had become a two-person job. I loved when my events fell on the weekends and my husband Wally could come with me. Then all I had to worry about was setting up the inside and hanging with my wonderful customers. But most of the time the events were during the week and he couldn't be with me. My very dear friend Charlene came with me a lot but I always felt bad asking her, she would never let me pay her and I never wanted her to feel obligated.

We had lots of fun and she was the best to work with but again I hated asking. I had several other friends who came out and helped me over the years and I am so grateful to each and every one of them.

For months I have been going back and forth, should I sell it, should I just wait till Covid is over?

I am sure I was driving my family crazy changing my mind on a daily basis. So I decided to pray to my Mom and ask her to help me make my decision. That might sound crazy to some of you but my Mom still guides me from heaven and I believe in signs.

About a week after I asked my Mom for guidance my Dad was out to lunch and ran into my cousin. She asked how I was doing and what was going on with my business during Covid. My Dad explained how Covid prevented me from taking out my trailer and that I was contemplating selling it. She told my Dad that a friend of hers was looking for a trailer for her son. My cousin called her friend Chrissy and then Chrissy called me. Chrissy's son Nick was born with several disabilities and is about to turn 18, she had been stressing about what he would do once he was done with High School. One night Chrissy had a dream about her son and his future. Chrissy's son loves the holidays, he loves all the excitement and all the decorations. In her dream, her son had a cute trailer filled with Christmas decorations and he was selling them. Once she woke up she thought more about the dream and started to figure out a way to make a non-for-profit business that would create a paycheck for her son and the rest of the profits would go to charities to help other kids with disabilities.

She told my cousin about the dream and the two of them brainstormed on how it could work. All Chrissy needed was a cute trailer.....

My Mom knew Chrissy, she knew her son too, so you see when I prayed to my Mom for guidance I believe she aligned the stars to make this all happen. What a perfect plan for my trailer and beautiful new life for a beautiful cause.

So with peace of mind, I am saying goodbye to my Quilt Cart and will look forward to updates from Chrissy.

I then started thinking about Nick's holiday trailer, wouldn't it be cute filled with Holiday quilts, table runners, Wall hangings, and other quilty things? So I shared with one of my sewing groups about the future of the trailer. I said, listen most of us have made more than enough quilted items for our families, but we still want to sew. So let's sew and donate items to Nick and his holiday trailer. They all agreed!

So what does the future hold for me, well, I am still going to have my Etsy shop and website. I am still going to be active in the Quilting community and the rest I leave up to fate.

I want to thank my family for supporting me, helping me, and teaching me, and for making my dreams come true. I also want to thank all of you who have supported my trailer business over the years, it has been a blast!

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