• Fran Dill

Homemade for Christmas

This year we are not going crazy with Christmas gifts. I know I say that every year but this year our family is saving for a big trip in 2021. My son is getting married in Maui next December and we have decided to save all our pennies so we really enjoy ourselves in Maui. There is also the Maui diet that is going to be happening but that's a conversation for a later day.

I decided I am going to be making gifts instead, without giving away too much just in case my kids actually read my blog, I am using different patterns by Annie.

There are so many versatile bags patterns and accessories to choose from, the hardest part will be which one to make. Did you know there are several YouTube videos by Annie to help you create your perfect bag? Honestly, don't you love YouTube, so many step by step videos, you can learn just about anything watching YouTube.

I'll be sure to post pictures after the holidays of all the gifts I made.

If you are looking for Patterns and accessories for making bags by Annie, stop by my Etsy Shop, I have quite an assortment.

For now, be safe and sew on!

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