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How I Order For The Quilt Cart

Updated: May 7, 2020

People are always asking me how I choose what I order for the Quilt Cart. Due to limited space in the cart I mainly focus on Pre-cuts and Pre-cut related patterns and books. Yes I do carry some yardage but that too is limited, I have background prints and solids that will go with the Pre-cuts. Once in a while I will carry a border print. The next question I get a lot is how do you know what to order. Frankly, I just go with my gut. Most of the time I do great, once in a while I order a line that just doesn’t sell for one reason or another. Those can usually be found in my sale bin or reduced in my Etsy Shop. I also don’t order large quantities so items sell out fast which allows me to always have new merchandise. I learned to just follow my instincts and not allow others to influence my ordering. Early on in my business people would ask or suggest I buy a certain line of fabric or notion. I can honestly say when I did do that it always ended up in the sale bin. Most people don’t understand when you place an order there is usually a minimum of 2 to 4 items. They would buy one and I would get stuck with the rest. So lesson learned there. I have also been asked why I don’t carry Batiks, Civil War, or Wool. The answer is simple, I just don’t have the space. However, when asked about Batiks I refer them to a shop in the valley who has the biggest and best selection, A Quilters Oasis. When asked about Civil War or Reproduction Fabrics I refer them to the cutest shop, Wagon Wheel West in Wickenburg. It’s just an hours drive north of the valley and well worth the drive. It’s owned by Martha Walker who is an award winning designer of patterns and fabric. Be sure to call ahead because Martha is only opened a few days a week. Wool is becoming very popular again, so when I get asked about Wool I refer them to Scottsdale Quilts. That’s the beauty of our business, not every shop carries the same stuff. I also try to support local business. I order patterns from locals like Pen+Paper, Penny Sturgis and order fabric, books, and patterns from Me and My Sister Designs. I carry business cards in the Quilt Cart for local Long Arm Quilters and other Quilting related business. After all, us Quilters need to stick together!

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