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It's the Little Things

Do you have favorite tools for quilting? One that makes your quilting life easier. One of mine is a mini iron.

As most of you know I am a huge Lori Holt fan, I love all her books and cute blocks. When working on those blocks with all the small pieces I like to set up a small iron station right next to my sewing machine. I use a coffee table with a Steady Betty Iron pad and a mini iron. This way I can simply swivel in my chair and iron those little blocks.

I have wanted to upgrade my mini iron for a while and when I finally decided to do so the one I was eyeing was sold out. Not only could I not find it through all of my distributors it was even sold out from the manufacturer. Of course, COVID did help, ugh!

So I have patiently been waiting for the mini iron to come back in stock, I even decided to be an affiliate to the company. What is that mini iron you ask?

It's the cute pink mini iron from Oliso.

Isn't she cute? She also has a sister.

Don't let their size fool you, these little powerhouses come with many outstanding features. They have an ergonomic design to prevent strain on your wrist, they have a ceramic soleplate for even heat and effortless glide over your fabric, they have a one-touch button for steam, both horizontal and vertical. If that isn't enough they really get hot for such a mini iron, 1000w of heat! They also come with a soulmate flexible silicone mat.

Did I mention the 3-year warranty? They normally cost $64.99 but if you pre-order now you only pay $49.99. They are anticipating arrive in late October with a shipping date of October 31st. To pre-order yours and lock-in that special price simply go to my home page and click on the Oliso link on the right size, that will take you directly to their site.

Of course, I ordered the Pink but let me know which color is your favorite.

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