• Fran Dill

Leaders and Enders

When I first started quilting my first machine was a Viking Husqvarna. I bought it used and this machine was a tank. You know when they still built machines out of metal. It was very heavy but worked liked a charm. The only problem was every time I would start to sew the thread would pull of out of the needle. It was very frustrating and I would have to pull quite a bit of top and bottom thread out and hold it when I started sewing. What a waste of thread! Then along the way someone showed me what a leader and ender was. You take a piece of scrap fabric and run it under your needle before starting your project, it grabs the thread and keep the bobbin thread for bunching underneath. When you are done sewing you run a second scrap through again. It stays under the needle until you are ready to start sewing again. I got so used to using leaders and enders that I still use them today 2 machines later. I would always save the left over binding strip and cut them for my leaders and enders. Then one day I saw a quilt that had a lot of 2.5″ squares sewn together, I thought why not put two squares together and use them as my leaders and enders. By doing this you end up making two quilt at once. Watch the short video below showing my method

Didn’t Jon and Amanda do a great job making this video? I said, Okay, try not to get my body in the shot, just try to film mostly my hands and try not to get the stuff behind me, I didn’t straighten that space up! Well, you see how that turned out! I still cringe at a few things when I watch it but over all I am please with it. You think with all the new technology they could edit a younger skinnier version on me. Lol. Below are a few quilts I have used this technique on. I have two more in the works.

Hope you enjoyed my video and will start making multiply projects using my leaders and enders technique.

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