• Fran Dill

Make It Modern

A few post back I shared my fabric pick for the Make it Modern Quilt by Corey Yoder. This was such a fun and easy quilt to make, it seriously is just half square triangles and solid block.

My only tip is make yourself a color cheat sheet or color key. It can be a bit confusing because she refers to the her colors for block placement. So what I did was make a list of the colors she used and drew a dash line and put in the color I used. It’s just a reference to keep you from getting confused and using the wrong color in the wrong spot. However, once you start assembling the rows the pattern becomes more visible.

Here it is! Now I just have to figure out how to quilt it. The finished size is 48 by 60 and it will have a scrappy binding. I am going to make it again in a Scrappy Version. Both will soon be available as a kit in my Etsy Shop.

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