• Fran Dill

Nervous Energy

In two weeks and 1 day we take our daughter Amanda to college. As I mentioned in an early post she will be going to school in Seattle. As the days grow closer I am finding it hard to focus on much of anything. I haven’t been in my sewing room much and have done very little posting for my business. I know this too shall pass but for now her leaving and her brother relocating to Seattle has been my main focus. I know Amanda is so excited to head off to Seattle and start this new chapter but I think she has some nervous energy. In the last week she has helped me clean and re-arrange my kitchen pantry, my walk in closet and took on my sewing room. She was in there for quite a while, she kept me out knowing I would be a distraction every time she found something I forgot I had.

Now there is still a little tweaking left to do but baby you've come a long way!

What you are not seeing is the other side of the room where I have bins stacked with all my PHD’s. Maybe once my kids get settled and my life settles down I can start working on those PHD’s but for now they are comfortably resting in colorful bins. I am sure going to miss her but maybe until then I can take advantage of that nervous energy.

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