• Fran Dill

Next Chapter

As most of you know my daughter Amanda graduated High School about a month ago. She has decided to attend a college in Seattle. I am proud of her for spreading her wings and setting off to pursue her dreams. What more could a parent want right? I would be lying if I said I am not sad that she is going to be in another state. I cried when her brother went off to ASU which is a half hour away. But that’s not the worse of it, here is another kick in the gut for a Mother. My son Jon decided he needed a change of environment and announce he too is moving to Seattle. What!!! both of my children leaving me. What am I going to do, how am I going to survive with both of my children out of state? I know Seattle is a short plan ride away and both of my sisters live there but I’m not there and my kids will be. Okay, need to go get a tissue I’m crying again. I know this is life but boy it hurts. You want the best for your children, you want them to grow up and be strong independent adults but can’t they do it next door! So what ‘s next? I decided now would be a great time to focus more on my business, push it to the next level. I also joined two new sew groups which brings it to a total of three. I know I have to give my husband a little more attention and try not to leave him out while I’m trying to fill every minute of my day so I don’t think about my children. He tries to act strong but I know he is freaking out about his “Pumpkin” leaving. So in the next few months if I walk by you and don’t say Hello, or if I zone out in the middle of a conversation please don’t take it personally, it ‘s just me thinking of my kids.

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