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Hello everyone, hope you are having a good Monday. I know Mondays are hard for some people but I always see them as a fresh start!

Friday was the kick-off of the Quilters Cottage Sew Along. I have gotten a few questions regarding the Sew Along and well as my blocks.

I was asked how does a Sew Along work, well, basically a project is picked and we all work on the project together, but alone at home. Kind of perfect timing right now considering we all are staying home due to COVID.

Each week we will be working on a different block from the quilt.

Here is a break down for the weeks and blocks.

Each Friday we will post our blocks on Instagram. We will be using the hashtag #quilterscottagesewalong A hashtag on Instagram is an easy way to link your page with similar pages. So say I want to see all the Quilters Cottage blocks posted on Instagram, by adding a hashtag at the end of your post, I can see everyone's block who posted with a hashtag even if I don't follow them. To search a hashtag use the hourglass icon and enter #quilterscottage. Sometimes I will see a new pattern and search the hashtag for that pattern just to see the different fabrics people have used. It's a great tool once you figure out how to use it.

So please use a hashtag when you post so we can all see your block.

A Sew Along is also a great way to make new sewing friends, learn tips from other quilters, and be encouraged and inspired.

Another question I received is what was the fabric I used for my trees?

It is from Lori Holt's line Autumn Love and it is called Autumn Love Text Green and yes,

it is available in my Etsy shop for purchase.

Most of the fabric I used in my Quilters Cottage is from Lori's line Autumn Love and some Riley Blake Basics.

I hope I have answered most of your questions but if I didn't please don't hesitate to ask.

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