• Fran Dill

Quilters Cottage Week 3

I loved making these flowers for week 3. If you know me you know I love flowers.

I love flowers so much I took a 6 weeks floral arrangement class from one of Arizona's well know florist. It was so much fun, I looked forward to going every week, mostly to see what he was creating for different wedding and events. I would just be in heaven standing in his walk-in cooler seeing and smelling all the different flowers.

I have so many favorites when it comes to flowers, Gerber Daisy, Roses, Gladiolus, Sun Flowers, Peonies, Hydrangeas, and Lilacs. Living in Arizona I don't get to see or smell Lilacs, which makes me sad. When I was in Junior High school I used to walk home from school and I would pass this one house that had a wall of bushes surrounding it. The hedge was so tall you couldn't see the house from one side of the street. For several weeks a year, those bushes were full of Lilacs. Every day during the blooming season I would pick a big bouquet of Lilacs and bring them home. There is nothing like that smell!

I love the variety of flowers Lori has in both her Farm Girl Vintage and Vintage 2 books. I have been making different flowers to make the Busy Bee Flower Farm Quilt. That quilt has both 6" flowers and 12" flower blocks. I love to sneak a flower block in between other projects. Flowers and Quilting, my two favorite things!

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