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Quilts on a Clothesline

I love this part of the Quilters Cottage Sew Along, hanging quilts on a Clothesline.

Back in March when we were told to stay home I decided it would fun to hang a quilt outside my front door. Every day for several weeks my husband hung one of my quilts outside my front door before he headed off to work. At first, my neighbors didn't know what I was doing, was I selling them, hanging them out to air out? After I explained I just wanted to add a little sunshine to my street they started looking forward to them each day. They would tell me which one was their favorites and yes several of them offered me money for them. Several of my neighbors said they were kinda sad when I ran out of quilt to hang out each day.

This one was a crowd favorite, and yes I did end up selling this one.

So this week's block is the first of the three quilts on the clothesline

I love making hourglass blocks, and the fun thing about this block is that you make two at once. This is quite a big block, 19.5" by 19"5.

I know I have talked about my favorite tool, the Tucker Trimmer before but did you know you can also square up an hourglass block with the Tucker Trimmer.

Perfect blocks every time!

I love that you do get two blocks with an hourglass block, now you have an option of making a pillow with the second set of blocks but I love the idea of sewing them in a row and adding them to the back of your quilt. Sew many options.

What will you do with your extra hourglass blocks?

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