• Fran Dill

Royalty In The Quilt Cart

In the past three years my Quilt Cart has traveled all over the state or Arizona. I have met so many wonderful quilters along the way. When I first came up with my idea for a traveling quilt store many of the fabric manufactures didn’t support me right away. They couldn’t envision my concept and most didn’t think it would work. I really had to sell myself, one company even made me send pictures, they didn’t want their product associated with some crazy mobile trailer. With much persuasion on my part I convinced them and they gave me accounts. Over the past three years I have had no contact from any of the companies I order from. Not one phone call, no visits from them to see the trailer, and no recognition on any of my social media pages, even though I always tag them when I am advertising their products. That hasn’t stopped me from growing my business but it has disappointed me along the way. Until this weekend.! I was doing a quilt show out in Lake Havasu Arizona when something special happened!

A legend in our industry came into the Quilt Cart. Yes that is Eleanor Burns! She was the guest teacher at this quilt show and she took the time out of her busy schedule to come visit me. She came into the trailer and just loved it. She asked me lots of questions like wanting to know how I came up with the idea of a mobile quilt shop, where I take my trailer and who I visit. She told me my trailer was the coolest idea she had ever seen. She also gave me lots of encouragement and some great advice. She said she hopes to see me and my Quilt Cart travel to other states soon. In the past three years my customers have shown me so much love and support, they are the reason I keep going. They are always so excited to see the Quilt Cart and always have kind words. I am so grateful for them all. This weekend the support from Eleanor Burns meant a lot to me, as silly as it sounds, it made me feel like someone in the industry thought my Quilt Cart was cool and that was all I needed!

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