• Fran Dill

Solids: My New Favorite

Are you just loving the new solid craze? I’m am obsessed with all the quilts I have been seeing lately made completely with solid fabrics. My friend Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs has taken some of her older traditional patterns and have remade them with solids and the transformations are amazing. It gives the quilt a whole new modern look. You can check out Gerri’s quilts on her Instagram, Planted Seed Designs. These Fat Quarter Bundles are a few of the new Confetti Cotton Colors from Riley Blake Fabrics that I now have available. These solids are my new favorite to work with. They are soft to the touch and have the slightest sheen to them. Once you try them I know they will be your new favorites too!

Working with these solids have even changed the way I am now ordering patterns and books. I am seeing beyond the cover photo and imaging them made with solids.

Check back next week for more FQ Bundles of Confetti Cottons, I have a shipment of new solids arriving this week.

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