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Special Christmas Gift

This year my Father gave me a very special Christmas gift. Let me give you a little back history about this gift. My Mom had a village that she set up every Christmas, each piece had sentimental value to her and she took great pride in her village display. My Mom passed away 10 years ago but every year since we have set up her village just as she would have. It was a little piece of her with us each Christmas. My Dad sold their house in May and moved into a Senior Living facility and could no longer keep the village. It was gifted to me, I’m not sure my siblings know this but every November when the Christmas decorations went up in the stores I would go and get my Mom a new piece for her village. Most the time she was with me and would tell me which pieces she liked. Now I didn’t buy every piece, but I did purchase quite a few of them so this village is very dear to me. I didn’t put up the village this year because I wanted to display it a different way. I saw a few examples on Pinterest where they used a ladder and placed boards across the rungs, and displayed the village vertically that way. I really liked they way it looked plus it took up a lot less space.

Okay, enough history and back to my Christmas present: I took my Dad shopping to Kohl’s back in November and they carried the village brand I used to buy for my Mother. So I said, “What the heck Dad! Lets check it out and see if they have anything new.” They ended up having a little silver trailer and my Dad scooped it up and said “I found your Christmas present!” But what he did next is what made this gift so special. He took that little silver trailer and went to the manager, Victoria and Anna the activities director where he lives and asked them for help in transforming the trailer to look like my Quilt Cart. Victoria printed out a picture of my cart and they brained stormed and came up with a great idea.

They figured nail polish would be better than paint, it would last longer and stick to the metal. So off my Dad went to Wal-Mart to find the perfect color of nail polish for the trailer. He said he felt a little silly scanning all the polish but he found what he thought was the best match.

He did such a great job matching the color. I love my trailer and all the thoughtful effort that my Dad put in it to make it mine. This trailer will be a beautiful addition to the village, I know my Mom would be so touched.

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