• Fran Dill

To The Dark Side

So for those of you who don’t know a lot about my family, I grew up with two older brothers and two younger sisters. I married into a family of 7, my husband being the only male with 6 sisters. So out of my sisters and sister in laws not one of them quilt!!! Sad but true. However, recently one of my sister in laws, Sabrina called me and said she recently took her sewing machine out of the closet and thought now that her boys are older she would like to learn how to sew. Trying to contain my excitement I said Oh I’ll teach you some stuff, what about your other sisters, think they might want to learn? With a quick text message I also got Gertrude interested and we planned our first sew day. I wanted to pick a quick project that they could finish in a day but also be able to use, so I decided on the Shlep Bag. Honestly, I probably have made over 100 of these bags, what’s great about them is they can be made any size you want. They are reversible which also make them extremely sturdy. Plus it can be sewn in

one afternoon.

So Gert is on the left and Sabrina on the right. Both changed their needle, figured out their 1/4 ” would be and were ready to go.

t’s so funny how different these two were with their sewing. Gert was relaxed and said, Oh it’s my first project it’s okay if the seams are a little off. Sabrina on the other hand was very precise and was very detailed oriented. They both were quick learners.

Here they are with their finished Shlep bags. Don’t they look great! Now I’m not sure If I have gotten them completely over to the dark side but I for sure planted the seed.

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