• Fran Dill

Today's the Day

Today is the day we reveal our finished Quilters Cottage Quilt.

It has been such a fun experience for me. I have loved the process and getting to see so many variations of this wonderful quilt.

When I first saw this quilt I immediately fell in love with it, back then I had no idea that while making this quilt so many wonderful memories would resurface. Fond memories of my Grandparents and their house that I loved so much. So now when I look at the cobblestone path and the clothesline it will take me back to my childhood.

So thank you Lori for creating such a wonderful pattern, and Fat Quarter Shop for including me this fun Sew Along.

I am so happy with how it turned out, I finally got my little yellow house with a white picket fence, dream do come true in one form or another.

My good friend Pam from Sweet PZ's Design quilted it for me and even though it is hard to see from this picture the quilting is perfect. I wanted an all-over design that wouldn't take away from the quilt itself. I usually like to piece the backs of my quilts, its a great way to use up the leftover fabric from the quilt itself but on this one, I used one of Lori's wide backs prints, it's just perfect!

I encourage you all to participate in a Sew-Along, it is a great way to meet new quilters, see other quilter's interpretation of the pattern, learn a trick or new technique, and it keeps you on track.

Thanks for following along, be sure to check out the hashtags on Instagram to see all the finished quilts.

Stay safe and sew on!

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