• Fran Dill

Until You Have Walked In Their Shoes

I need to take my blog in a different direction today. I’m hoping my words can help us all change the way we treat and speak to each other. I belong to two different sew groups, each group unique in it’s own way. I have come to enjoy all the ladies in both groups and find each person brings something different, making each of them an asset to their group. These ladies are all ages, all different skill levels, and all with their own story. The reason I am sharing this is because recently in one of my groups one of my fellow quilters was hurt by a comment that was made when she arrived. That comment hurt her feelings and she felt if was best for her to just leave. Now I am sure the person who said it was just trying to be funny but it wasn’t funny to the person it was directed to. When that joke was made we don’t know what that other quilters was dealing with before she arrived. Maybe she just needed a kind word that morning. Some of these ladies I only see once or twice a month. Most of them I don’t know what goes on in their day to day life. I don’t know if this group is their only outlet for the month, maybe they have an illness they don’t talk about, or maybe they are in a abusive marriage. We just don’t know what their private struggles are. If someone is sharing an experience about a restaurant or movie, try not to say Oh I hated that restaurant. Honestly, we don’t know if that person can’t afford to eat out and going to that restaurant was a special treat to them. I strongly agree that we are all entitled to our opinions but instead of blurting yours out, wait and see if that person who is talking really wants to hear your opinion. If they ask you try and explain why you have different views instead of just using the word hate. We are living in tough times right now, I for one am really trying to watch what I say because lets face it, the rules have changed. If you are my age or older things we said when we were younger is not socially acceptable today. We need to have more compassion and treat each other the way we want to be treated. My Mom always said, If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything thing at all.

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