• Fran Dill

We Need Each Other

Ok, I am going to get on my soapbox for just a few minutes here today.

I want to talk about women supporting other women. Should be a no-brainer but sadly it isn't.

The other day I ran into a quilting friend, it had been a while since I last saw her and I asked her what she had been up to. She said that she was busy at her long arm. She and her husband started a long arm quilting business a few years back. Her husband is a retired airline pilot and really enjoys long arm quilting. I was happy to hear her business is doing so well and I asked her if could mention her and her husband's business on my blog. She said yes, that's so nice of you. I said well, I feel it's important to support other women in business and she said yes, you always do.

Unfortunately, not all women do. It's sad really, it's hard enough fighting for equality in this man's world, we shouldn't fight each other.

I don't care what church you go to, the color of your skin, or who you are voting for. If you are a good person I will support you and encourage you. We need to lift each other up, even if it's just a few words of encouragement.

I hate seeing negative comments on people's Instagram feeds. If you don't like the post keep scrolling, if you really don't like their post, stop following them. Instead of saying something negative, try adding words of encouragement. Maybe your kind words are just what they needed to hear that day.

So today I am going share with you a few local women in business. These three women have longarm business in the East Valley just outside of Phoenix. They are great women who all have been a part of the quilting community for quite some time.

Ramona Hooker 602-432-5269

Pam Rackley 602-628-0845

Monica Croom 480-650-5261

There is plenty of love to go around so don't ever feel you can't support more than one quilters.

Today I choose to support you and will encourage you to be your best.

Keep safe and sew on.

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