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Weekend Adventures

I want to start out by saying Thank You to the Thumb Butte Quilt Guild for having us at their show this past weekend. What a wonderful show and such a great group of women. They were so accommodating and even feed us lunch both days! Prescott was beautiful and the temperatures were in the 80’s and amazing. I also want to thank all my amazing customers. This weekend you really showed me the love. Many of you told me you had shopped me at another venue and that you just love my trailer and the merchandise I sell. You purchased again from me and that kind of support is priceless. You’re the reason I started the Quilt Cart and you’re the reason I continue to do it. As I have said before, there is nothing like a quilter ♥ One of the reasons I started blogging was to share some of the funny things that happen to me while I am traveling with the Quilt Cart.

I am always telling my friend Judy about the people that pull up along side of me and give me a thumbs up or a honk and a wave. One day while I was traveling back from an event this older man on a motorcycle came up along side me gave me the thumbs up and sped off ahead of me. When I stopped at the next light he was standing there taking pictures of my trailer and waving!

One other time I was driving on the highway and this young man in a low rider car and loud mufflers was driving right along side my passenger door for quite a while. I thought Oh no did I cut him off! I was kinda scared to look over, frankly I thought I was going to get the middle finger salute but when I finally did look over and he gave me the thumbs up and was smiling. You have no idea how good that made me feel, he probably has a grandmother or mother that quilts or maybe he just thought it was cool to see a middle age women traveling alone with a cool trailer.

Another time Charlene and I were heading to Chino Valley to vend at their quilt show and my phone rang, I answered it and it was a women traveling behind my trailer who had a few questions. Judy has been in the truck with me when I have been pulling the trailer and she has never experienced any high fives or honks so she has often said sure Fran, your making this up.

Well Saturday we were leaving Prescott and a younger man pulled up along side us he had his window down and was waving his phone out the window. When I looked over his phone had my logo on it and he said, this is you! I opened my window and he said it again, This is you! I said Yes, and he honked and wave and his passenger who was also an young man waved. My husband Wally said

"How the heck did he get that on his phone? We drove for several miles trying to figure out why he would have my logo on his phone and why would two guys in their late 20’s even care about a quilt cart. We may never know why but it was still a fun experience. I of course called Judy right away and told her about my experience. I also had Wally as my witness so she couldn’t say I was losing my mind. LOL! So if you ever see me out and about with the trailer, give me a honk or thumbs up and hopefully Judy will be with me.

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