• Fran Dill

Went way too Fast

I can't believe we are on the last block of the Quilters Cottage Sew Along.

I have truly enjoyed seeing everyone's blocks.

This is the first sew along I have been a part of and I know it won't be my last.

I highly recommend joining a sew-along, it is a great way to meet awesome quilters and also very inspirational.

Week 8, the final block before putting your quilt top together.

I really wanted to bring the yellow from the cottage back into the quilt somewhere so I decided to add it to the middle. You can't see in this picture but there is yellow in the center of the flowers surrounding the center block. Always a method to my madness!

I have a few tips for putting the clothesline together.

I have found if I use Elmers Glue to baste the Ric Rac down it keeps it in place and makes it much easier to stitch down.

So I folded my strip in half and finger pressed it giving me a centerline to run a small bead of Elmers Glue.

Next, I laid the Ric Rack on the glue and pressed it down with a hot iron. This set the glue and allowed me to stitch it down without it moving.

Now if you don't get your Ric Rack down straight don't worry about it, it's a clothesline, there might be a slight breeze causing your line to blow in the wind.

Next week is the big reveal, I can't wait to show you my finished quilt.

Until then, stay safe and sew on!

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