• Fran Dill

What A Day!

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to be a featured on Fox 10 Phoenix’s morning program. We actually pulled the trailer and set up right in front of the studio’s doors.

So let me give you a little back story as to how this all came about: One of my business goals for 2020 was to get more exposure for my company. So I decided to write a letter to Cory McCloskey from Fox 10 AZ AM and ask to be a feature on Cory’s Corner. Before I sent the letter off I sent it to my son Jon to have him proofread it. He told me he had a friend at Fox 10 and said he was going to forward the letter to him as well. Thursday morning, less then a week later I got an e-mail from a the producer of the morning program asking if I could bring the trailer down to the studio the following morning and be ready to go live by 9:45. Wow, a thousand things went through my mind in matter of seconds! Could Wally get the morning off of work to drive the trailer? What was I going to wear? What was I going to say, and and and… I really wanted my friend Charlene to come with me. She has been such a huge help to me with my business, and after all she is my partner in crime, the Thelma to my Louise. Thank goodness she was able to clear her schedule and come with us!

So early Friday morning the three of us headed to the Fox 10 Studio’s and set up the trailer. I was told it would probably be a random reporter and my segment would only be 3 to 5 minutes. I was quite surprised when Troy Hayden and Renee Nelson came walking out the door. And yes, he is that good looking in person! It really went so fast. The things I rehearsed to say just left my head. But, I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.

Yes, I really did go there and say it didn’t have a pottie inside. My first thought was oh boy, Amanda is going to kill me for saying that! I lack a filter sometimes. Haha.

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