• Fran Dill

What Inspires You?

Last week I attended the Snap conference in Salt Lake City. My friend Barb had told me about it several months ago, she explained it was a conference for building your social media presence and growing your online business. Since this was my goal for 2019 I decided to research what this Snap conference was all about. It’s tag line was: a conference for creative lifestyle influencers. What? How is that a conference on building your social media presence? I looked up the classes offered and they were all about different social media outlets so I figured it was just a snappy catch phase to peak curiosity. I signed up and was excited to learn and grow. When I arrived at the Snap conference my first observation was how young the women attending were. Our group of 8 were clearly the old ones in the crowd. The first thought that came to mind was a saying I have used the last few months when learning to build my website, Teaching an old dog a new trick. However, by the end of the conference I decided to stop using that phrase, I maybe in my mid 50’s but that doesn’t mean a darn thing! I attended 3 days of classes taught by these young women, I took lots of notes, asked lots of questions and learn a whole bunch of great information. By the end of the conference I understood their tag line, a conference for creative lifestyle influencers. These women influenced me and made me realize I had the power to influence others too! I’m already implementing the tools I learned and know it will help me grow my business to where I envision it to be but I also hope I can Aspire to Inspire you along the way. No matter what your age or your goals, it’s never too late. I would like to share with you my two favorite quotes from the conference. I hope they resonate with you they way they have with me.

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