• Fran Dill

What is a Honey Bun

It could be a yummy gooey bread product but today we are talking about Moda's Honey Buns.

A Honey Bun is a pre-cut from Moda. It has 40- 1 1/2" strips by the WOF. Similar to a Jelly Roll but thinner and fat-free!

So what can you do with a Honey Bun? Well, the list is endless but I will share just a few.

Moda did a fun and easy sew along using Honey Buns, they called it Honey Games. Here is a link to Moda's website. Scroll down to Sept 4th and click on the title Honey Bun Quilt Along for step by step directions.

You can make it scrappy using all the strips in the Honey Bun or you can cut a solid strip and give it a different look. Be sure to stop by Instagram and use the hashtag #honeybunqal to see all the options. I love seeing all the variations and how creative people can be. It's so fun as a pillow.

Another great use for Honey Buns is the foundation papers by Its Sew Emma.

The 6" option uses a 1 1/2" strip.

So don't be afraid to try something new. Honey Buns are just another convenient option, they are already cut and are color-coordinated. Thank you, Moda!

Stay safe and sew on!

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